Reshaping Reality: The Power of Inner Belief

Reshaping Reality: The Power of Inner Belief

There was this kid who wanted to build a better world.

The world suppressed him with all its might. You already know how this goes, so let’s not dwell on that. Instead, let’s focus on the positive outcome.

This kid held onto his beliefs, going against the grain—not to prove others wrong, but to prove to himself that he could explore, learn, and build from this understanding.

Years later, the whole world is suppressed, and this kid can see that he is in a position to have his cake and eat it too. So, he goes all in, completely reshaping his life and empowering others along the way.

A tribe of like-minded people comes to fruition. They begin magnetizing their dreams like it was no one else’s business.

Decades later, the kid becomes a man with everything he ever wanted because of his unwavering belief in himself and others.

He changes the world around him by continuously reshaping his energy within himself and in his relationship with the universe. He uses this force to overcome obstacles and build a better world for all who seek it.

Along the way, the kid fails more than he would have liked to. Luckily for him, he keeps believing and manages to escape the turmoil impressed upon him.

The kid is different—where everyone sees the worst, he sees the greatest. When push comes to shove, he takes heed and does what is best for himself and his memories.

You could say he acts selfishly, but holding onto something that isn’t yours closes the space meant for you. As a result, you can’t build new memories where they matter because the shared memories aren’t fully yours. The kid knows this deep down, even when he can’t articulate it. When push comes to shove, he builds his own path.

Most of us are at war with ourselves, so it’s important to believe in yourself, or else you’ll end up believing in the opposition and lose before you start.

In a world run by adults, be the kid.